AutoFold iFold
  • Overview
  • AF-iFold Secifications

    The i-Fold can produce the following:

  • Flat sheet cut to length blanks
  • "L" Sections
  • "U" Sections
  • Fully Wrapped Duct Sections

  • The i-Fold offers most of the functionality of a conventional coil line with the advantage of a vastly reduced floor space requirement (6ft 6in x 10ft).

  • The i-Fold allows the operator to use standard coil widths, in multiple gauges up to 16ga, and manufacture ductwork from a minimum of 5in x 5in.

  • The fully hydraulic system is controlled by the AutoFold v8 Control System that has been designed specifically for this machine. The input is through a dedicated 14in touch screen controller that utilizes a Windows™ CE platform to run the AutoFold Standard Software Program.

  • The AutoFold Standard Software includes a Jobs Program.

  • Ductwork is produced at an average rate of 1 piece every 20 seconds (depending on the size of the duct). The i-Fold retains the same production rate as the larger AutoFold machines.

  • The AutoFold Standard Software includes a Jobs Program.

  • 7 Roll Leveller System consisting of 2 Entrance Drive Rolls, 3 Leveller Rolls & 2 Exit Bead Rolls.

  • Shear Blades, 4 sides, upper and lower, for extended life

  • Maximum Working Gauge: 16ga

  • Maximum Material Width: 5ft

  • AutoFold v8 Controller with full AutoFold Windows™ CE Software including make quick, jobs and self-diagnostics programs.

  • 14in Touch Screen Monitor with fittings, mounted on the left or right side of the machine.

  • One “A” frame coil holder with spindle. (Maximum coil weight 10,000lbs at 5ft wide)