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Fabmaster Unitized Plasma Cutting System

*Please Note: The Fabmaster is only offered as re-manufactured when available.

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The Fabmaster cutting system was introduced in 1995 as the first Unitized Plasma Cutting System on the market. The unitized design offeres many unique benefits such as reduced floor space, ease in part loading, ease in part removal, and protection of the rails (which are tucked under the table). The Fabmaster (Ductmaster) has been upgraded many times over the past 20 years with improvements being made in Computer Numeric Controls (CNC) as well as plasma-cutting innovations in both conventional and HyDefinition (precision) plasma.

The Fabmaster (Ductmaster) is designed to cut out geometric shapes and parametrically programmed HVAC (Duct Work) fittings and Blow Pipe Fittings. The fittings are programmed in the office using Profile Master PM-2000 Fab-CAM or Duct-CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software; the parts are then nested on a sheet of metal to minimize material waste and are then cut out at high speed using the plasma torch.

The Fabmaster (Ductmaster) is offered in four sizes: 5' x 10', 5' x 20', 6' x 10' and 6' x 20'. As standard features, the Fabmaster (Ductmaster) includes the Hypertherm Edge II color graphic control, Hypertherm Powermax 1000 plasma, Floating Head, Dell Office Computer, Dell Color Laser Printer, Down-draft Cutting Table and Onsite Installation and Training. Available options include an Automatic Torch Height Control (THC) and the Hypertherm HPR Precision Plasma, Kaliburn Spirit or ProLine Precision Plasmas.

Cutting Area 5'x10', 5'x12', 5x20', 6'x10', 6x12', 6x20'
Positioning Accuracy +/- .012 inches
Traverse Speed (Max) 1,000 Inches Per Minute
Ventilation Down Draft Table
Sheet/ Part Support "Wavy" Slats
Capacity Full Sheet of 1" Plate. Cutting Capacity is determined by the Plasma unit.
Machine Design Unitized, Single Piece, All Welded Frame
Controller Type D-80 II Control with Color Graphic Display
Shape Library 46 Geometric Shapes, with over 300 variations, graphically displayed on a10.4 Inch controller CRT
Part/Sheet Storage Ability Yes
Stand-alone Capacity Yes
Computer System Desktop Computer w/ Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard and Printer

PM-2000 Duct-CAM software includes SMACNA classifications and a fitting library of over 300 Rectangular Fittings, Round Fittings, Oval Fittings, Square to Round Fittings, Transitions, Multi-tap Fittings and more. PM-2000 also segments oversize fittings and produces management reports and tracking labels.

PM-2000 can also be integrated with CAD-Duct (Computer Aided Drafting) and EST-Duct HVAC Estimating software offering the only “Totally Integrated Solution” to the HVAC contractor. Technical Sales International (TSI) is the supplier of CAD-Duct and EST Duct for North America.

Profile Master PM-2000 / Duct Cam Features:

Profile Master Photo

  • Windows XP Based
  • Rectangular Fittings
  • Round Fittings
  • Oval Fittings
  • Geometric Fittings
  • Automatic Nesting
  • Manual Nesting
  • Oversize Part Segmentation
  • Opus 4 CAD Drawing
  • DXF files in and out
  • Management Reports
  • Part lables