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Max 200

Max 200 Oxygen Plasma
  • Overview
  • Specifications

The MAX200 continues Hypertherm's tradition of combing advanced technology and superior quality to deliver operating advantages that are unmatched in the industry

  • Maximum cutting capacity - mild steel 50 mm (2")
  • Recommended maximum mechanized production capacity - mild steel 25 mm (1")

Entry-level oxygen cutting system, great for often-changing cutting requirements and production schedules. A proven production cutting system with an attractive initial capital cost.

Mild Steel Dross free
Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
25 mm (1")
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")
Stainless Steel Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")
Aluminum Production (pierce)
Severance (edge starts)
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")

Mild Steel Optimum quality 12 mm (1/2")
2159 mm/m (85 ipm)

Cut angle
SO 9013 range** 4-5

  Ready to weld

Process gases by material (Plasma/shield)
Mild steel Air/Air, O2/Air, N2, CO2
Stainless steel Air/Air, N2/Air, N2/CO2, H35/N2
Aluminum Air/Air, N2/Air, N2/CO2, H35/N2

Process amps
Not all processes available for all materials 40-200 beveling (200)