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Precision Jet

  • Specifications
Cutting Widths 5ft or 6ft
Cutting Lengths 10ft,12ft, 20ft or 24ft
Cutting Table Water Table with Adjustable Water Height
Slats on 2” centers
Frame Unitized Single Piece Construction
Controller Hypertherm® EDGE® Pro Ti or EDGE® Pro Color Graphic CNC Control
Traverse Speeds Dependent on Gear Ratio
Drives Brushless Servo Motors
Dual Side Drives (3 motors: 2 on Y axis, 1 on X axis)
Rack & Pinion with Planetary Gear Boxes
Linear Ways on all Axes
High Pressure Pump Hypertherm® AccuStream™ 30HP Pump is standard
Z Axis Motorized Z Axis controlled from the Control Console
Mini Hopper on the Z Axis with Adjustable Feed Rate
Abrasive Hopper 750 Lb capacity Bulk Feed Hopper
Pump Options 50, 75, 150 & 200HP; 60,000 and 90,000 PSI
Plasma Options Hypertherm® Powermax - Conventional
Hypertherm® HPR - HyPerformance
Torch Height
Waterjet Automatic Height Sensing
Hypertherm® Sensor™ PHC Automatic Torch Height Control for Plasma
Hypertherm® ArcGlide® Torch Height Control for Plasma
Optional Software Autodesk® Fabrication CAMduct™ Software
Hypertherm® CAM Systems (MTC) Software